Q: How fast will you deliver my website?


Answer: It will depend on the type of website you ordered and the specifications. We usually deliver in a few weeks but for some websites, it might take months to get to the final result. Especially if it involves complicated options, calculations (like shipping rate) and similar things.


If you really need your website now, you can pay extra for speedy delivery and we will work extra time to make it ready earlier.


Q: How does SEO work? When will I start seeing the results?


Answer: Successful SEO takes time, especially if your niche is competitive. Please allow between 3 to 6 months to see some encouraging results. Depending on your industry, it can take longer. But it can also take a few weeks if we identify a hole in your niche. Think about it as a long-term strategy that will bear some juicy fruits down the road. How would you like to be number 1 on Google for your main product or service?



Q: Can you really do everything when it comes to website design?


Answer: Yes, as long as we have enough time, money, and resources. If something is really technically impossible, we will let you know. But generally, we can find a way. You have your own vision in your mind of what your website should look like and our job is to make it a reality. Easier said than done but we have done it numerous times over and over.

If you’ve found the answer you’re looking for go ahead and contact us. 

Q: Can I get a discount?


Answer: We give discounts for orders over 1 million dollars. Just kidding. Usually, there are no discounts unless you refer us new customers or are yourself a repeat customer. In any case, you can ask, no harm in that and worst case scenario you will still get a great website.


Q: Do you outsource to other countries?


Answer: No, we keep the jobs at home. For communication purposes, it’s easier to do everything here. Outsourcing is not our thing and we heard so many horror stories that we rather stay away. No Indian call center, no Filipino assistant. Sorry guys.


Q: Do I own what you create? How do I keep control of my social media and website(s)?


Answer: Yes, you do. You will get access to everything: logins, passwords etc…We create it and manage it for you but you are the true owner. And we will formalize that in a contract if needed so you can rest assured that the services and products provided are for your own benefit.


Q: How do you track conversions and how do you manage the back office?


Answer: We use ultra-secret software and data specialists recruited in USSR back in the day. But when they are not available we just use our in-house software and regular guys from all across New Hampshire. It makes things easier and we don’t speak that well Russian.

Give us a shout here with any more questions you may have.